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About us

The Strategic Management Center, formerly Ashridge Strategic Management Centre, founded in 1987, is a widely recognized authority on strategic management issues within large companies.

SMC produces breakthrough insights that advance strategic management, with a particular focus on the management problems of large, complex companies.  Directors of the center have previously worked as senior consultants at top strategy consultancies, such as McKinsey and The Boston Consulting Group.

The Center is a world-leading resource on corporate level strategy. It focuses on how corporate and divisional leaders in a multi-business company can add value to the businesses in their portfolio.

SMC has an extensive track record of publications covering a wide range of topics such as organization design, growth and new business, investor relations strategy, and mission leadership.

In addition to its strategy research, the center delivers open enrolment programs on strategy held at Hult Ashridge Executive Education at their residential site in Berkhamsted.  Programs are also held in central London and virutally.  The Center runs a corporate membership network for Heads of Strategy and their teams at major companies.

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