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Course strategy video Library 

1. Information for participants on Ashridge/Hult Courses


a. A general introduction to Open Programmes

b. Introduction to the videos

c. Post-programme video

2. Introduction to Strategy

a. What is strategy

b. What are the steps involved in designining a strategy

c. Why is designing strategy difficult

d. What can be done to help in designing strategy

e. Tools and frameworks

f. How long does it take to design a strategy?

g. How to use the videos on tools and frameworks

3. Strategy Tools

a. What is the External Environment?

i. Segmentation

1. A background to segmentation

2. A simple way of segmenting a business

3. Brainstorming alternative ways to segment a business

4. Choosing a useful segmentation

5. Checking your segmentation

ii. Market attractiveness

1. Introduction to Market attractiveness

2. Market attractiveness part 2: Value capture and Porters Five Forces

3. Market attractiveness part 3: More on Porters Five Forces

4. Market attractiveness part 4: Tips!

b. What is the Internal Situation?

i. Customer value

1. Value curve

ii. Mapping the current Mission/Vision/Aims of the organization

1. Thinking through your Aims using the Ashridge Mission Diamond

c. Tools that summarise the diagnosis

i. Strategy Triangle

ii. Strategy Matrix

iii. SWOT analysis

d. What are the options?

i. Vision led options

ii. The Ansoff Matrix

e. Which option is best?

i. How to evaluate options

ii. The options / criteria table

4. The Strategy Process

a. Picking the right Strategy Process

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