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Open Programs

Strategy Bootcamp

Five-day program running virtually from approximately 1pm to 6pm UK time each day, with a shorter day (ending by 4pm) on the Friday

The Bootcamp is aimed at those in a corporate or BU strategy role, or in Business Development. 

This five-day Bootcamp is aimed at people in the strategy or business development function at either at the corporate level or in a business unit.  It is geared towards those who want to refresh or supplement their current strategy skills, but also accommodates those who have not received much training in how to use strategy tools and analysis. In the course of the four days, we will cover a fairly comprehensive range of topics for the strategist, including (but not limited to): developing strategy; strategic and financial tools for designing business strategies; understanding value creation, value propositions, and competitive advantage; portfolio strategy tools; communicating strategy; strategy under uncertainty; and strategy execution.

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One day Strategy Seminars

One-day non-residential program held in central London or virtual platform

The Center runs a training programme of one-day seminars which cover the most important strategy topics. This is an opportunity to learn about and discuss key strategy issues.

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Advanced Organization Design

Four-day residential program held at Hult International Business School

For leaders looking to assess, design and implement organization structures that will deliver their strategy.

The program provides a toolkit of the most powerful methods and frameworks used in organization design work. Most of the time is spent using the tools on organization challenges: case studies, participant’s own organizations and examples from the faculty. Solutions to these challenges can involve changes to organizational structure, linking processes, job roles, people choices, incentives, decision authorities, accountabilities and other dimensions of an effective organization.

Full details are available on the Hult website, Advanced Organization Design

Designing Operating Models

Three-day residential program held at Hult International Business School

Align operations with business strategy.

Designing Operating Models introduces tools and frameworks that help participants understand and challenge their existing operating model so they can design and communicate on a new one.

This immersive and highly experiential program is taught by a unique faculty: an academic, a consultant and an executive, who leads an organization of more than 8,000 people.

Full details are available on the Hult website, Designing Operating Models

Implementing Strategic Decisions

Three-day residential program held at Hult International Business School

For managers wanting to learn a set of powerful tools and organizational frameworks to successfully turn strategy into action.

Research indicates that 70% of strategic plans fail to be executed, most commonly due to cultural blocks. In this program, participants will learn how to implement strategy and understand what the blockers are likely to be.  The program uses real projects participants need to implement. Through analyzing famous cinematic battle scenes and modern relevant case studies—among other methods—participants will learn the link behind behavioral influence and strategy translation. They will then focus on translating goals into actions, engaging people, exercising discipline, adapting and evolving.

Full details are available on the Hult website, Implementing Strategic Decisions

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