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Design Principles: how to manage them

Andrew Campbell, Ashridge on Operating Models, 01.01.22

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Operating Model work is simple

Andrew Campbell, Ashridge on Operating Models, 27.11.21

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Unpacking 5 Myths About Management

Stephen Bungay, Harvard Business Review, 08.11.21

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Why You Need an Operating Model: To Align Your People and Deliver You Strategy

Andrew Campbell and Mikel Gutierrez, Management and Business Review, Spring 2021

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How to design for agility

Andrew Campbell, Ashridge on Operating Models, 09.01.21

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Thoughts about HR and Operating Models

Andrew Campbell, Ashridge on Operating Models, 03.12.20

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Jo Whitehead, exechange news, 01.12.20

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Fighting Covid — Lessons in Leadership From the Great Commanders

Grant at Shiloh and the Executive’s Trinity

Stephen Bungay, BCG Henderson Institute, 01.11.20

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Chief Point: Heads roll only if CEOs can be blamed for bad decisions

Jo Whitehead, exechange news, 01.06.20

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Make the Right Personnel Decisions Now to Thrive After the Crisis

Rebecca Homkes, Harvard Business Review, 27.04.2020

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Reminder to entrepreneurs: Downturns are a great time to grow: How to Survive, Reset and Thrive

Rebecca Homkes, LinkedIn, 19.04.2020

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How Structure, Processes and Rules Make People Free

Stephen Bungay and Antonie Merour, InfoQ, 09.12.2019

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