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Strategy for the Corporate Level Teaching Materials
Teaching Cases
Slides for Lecturers

EON Cases

Case A

Case B

Case C


Travis Perkins Case

Travis Perkins and Wickes

Virgin - A Brnd Built on Fun

InterActiveCorp - Barry Diller's Internet Empire

Additional Teaching material:

Parenting Opportunities - Group Exercise

Traffic Lights - Assignment

Stop Kissing Frogs

Synergy - Exercise

Slide pack - key exhibits from the book that may be helpful in teaching please contact us with any questions, requests or comments:



Additional slide packs:

Introducing the concepts

Parenting Logic

Growth into New Business

Designing the Parent Organisation (Corporate Headquarters)

Creating Synergy across Business Divisions

Apple Computer's Portfolio and Parenting Added Value

Investment Logic annoted

Note that the E.ON teaching case studies, are required to make sense of the following two slide packs:

Business Logic annoted

Combining business logic and added value logic

Teaching Course Outlines

Jo Whitehead's Corporate Strategy outline document

20 page outline by Christopher Voisey of his course for undergraduates (just as relevant for MBAs)

David Collis's MBA course at HBS

A course outline from Guenter Mueller Stewens (in German)

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